Bath bomb season

It’s bath bomb season.

Though soothing, it takes more than just long soaks in the tub to prevent compassion fatigue. Listen to my podcast here to sooth your way through compassion fatigue

Emotional hygiene

A big part of having good emotional hygiene involves creating limits for yourself. Empathetic care professionals frequently struggle with these limits. Creating limits is a skill you can learn. 

You likely know someone who has great boundaries and limits for themselves.

Share this podcast with them. Let them know you recognize their skill set. Or, if you have good limits and boundaries, you might want to share this with someone who can learn about limits. It could really help them.

The costs of poor emotional hygiene

Poor emotional hygiene can lead to bringing difficult emotions home. These emotions can impact your sleep. Further, poor emotional hygiene can impact your ability to do the work that you love. What’s worse, you can even feel trapped.

How do you create limits?

Comment on this post with information with how you create limits and boundaries for yourself. What’s difficult about this? What works?Keep this conversation going. Share it with one person who needs it. Subscribe to find out more about how compassion fatigue can impact your life and what you can do about it.

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