What are you afraid of?

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In 1999, I spent seven months living aboard a tall ship. That adventure forced me to confront my two biggest fears: Small spaces and heights. I was constantly rewarded with stunning sunrises and sunsets as well as a host of other experiences that I would be less of a person without.

This popular George Addair quote comes to mind: Everything you want is on the other side of fear…

Public speaking is frequently listed as one of the top five biggest fears that people have.

I don’t think this is about the speaking so much as it is about being seen.

In clown training, one of the first exercises we do is to show up and be seen. It’s profoundly impactful.

What are you willing to let others see? How vulnerable can you be? Where and when is this appropriate in your life? When the risk of being seen perhaps worth it to you?

Take action, make a change

So, today? Is there an opportunity to take a risk and rather than show yourself, let someone just see you without a desire to control their perception of you? How might this change how you relate to them?You can do it. Find a way.

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