I started this as a dumping ground of ideas. A lot of what’s been coming out here has been raw and only lightly edited. It’s time for me to pivot. Time to change the tone.

Jimbits the podcast

I’m using the anchor podcasting tool to create a daily brief whimsical podcast. It’s currently available for distribution through Spotify and I’m going to embed links to it here. Soon it will be available widely wherever you will find podcasts.

Jimbits – Daily bits of audio levity – 100% yeast free

Here’s the podcast description:

The dominant paradigm of late stage capitalism says you’re not enough, do more.

Tune in here to tune out the noise and drop out of the rat race.

To quote the great prophet of the 1970’s:

We’re here for a good time / not a long time / so have a good time / the sun don’t shine every day

Listen to the trailer here:

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